Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend if I cannot make it the whole four days?

Yes, you can! Check out our commuter & one-day options on the Registration Fees page.

What will my kids be doing all day while I'm participating in sessions?

Kids get to participate in the Gan or Camp Limmud during the day, both included in the child registration fee. In the evenings, babysitting or Kids’ Night Out is available for an extra fee. Please see the Camp Limmud page for more details.

I want to attend Limmud this year, but I don’t have a car. Can I ride with someone?

We’ll set up a ride-share spreadsheet and send a link to all registered participants when registration closes on August 11.

I am interested in volunticipating (volunteering + participating). How can I get involved?

Send a message to info@limmudse.org to get plugged in to a volunteer team!

What is Limmud's Shabbat policy?

Limmud brings together hundreds of of Jews from diverse backgrounds who come with a wide range of observance, Jewish knowledge, and comfort with Jewish tradition. During Limmud, we seek to create a Shabbat atmosphere by asking participants to refrain from using cell phones, electronics, cars, cameras, and musical instruments in public spaces during Shabbat.

What level of Kashrut can I expect at Limmud?

All food and drink provided at Limmud is under rabbinical supervision and adheres to an Orthodox standard of kashrut at all times. All meat is Glatt and all dairy is Cholov Yisrael. No outside food or drink is permitted into the dining hall at any time. Please email info@limmudse.org with any concerns or questions.

What if I want to bring my tent and go camping?

Join our Tent Cities – Quiet Camp or Social Camp. Bring your tent and all camping supplies. You will have access to shower and restroom facilities in a nearby cabin.

How much does Limmud cost?

Please see the Registration Fees page for detailed information.

Where is Limmud?

Limmud is located in the beautiful North Georgia mountains at Ramah Darom (70 Darom Lane, Clayton, GA 30525).

What does Limmud mean?

In Hebrew, Limmud means “learning.” Limmud Atlanta + Southeast is part of the international Limmud community, which is dedicated to Jewish learning in all its variety.

When is Limmud?

Limmud begins the Friday of Labor Day Weekend and ends on Labor Day every year. Limmud 2017 is September 1-4, 2017.