Frequently Asked Questions

How will this event work?

You will travel along a series of experiential outdoor stations distanced from one another. Each station will connect one of your senses (taste & smell, sight, hearing, and touch) to important themes and touch stones of the High Holidays. You will be guided virtually from one station to the next, through text study, meditation, movement, art, music, and nature to help you prepare for the High Holidays. There will also be a shofar station in a different part of the park.

What safety measures are you taking?

We have crafted this program in consultation with a Professor of Epidemiology at Emory University specializing in Infectious Diseases and who is currently working on Covid-19 related research.  We designed our program to minimize risk to both volunteers and participants and to meet or exceed current CDC guidelines.  Below are some of the steps we have taken to reduce risk:

· The event is entirely outdoors.

· Timed entry will ensure there is never more than one family/individual per station and that we never have a large gathering in one area.

· If you have been potentially exposed to anyone with Covid symptoms, experienced any Covid symptoms, or had a positive Covid test within 14 days prior to the event, please choose the “At Home” option described later in the FAQs.

· All participants will answer a CDC questionnaire upon check-in to see if they re healthy enough to participate that day.

· All stations are touchless.  Everything you need will be found either on your personal hand-held device, or will be brought with you to the event.

· Everyone, including all volunteers will be required to wear a mask that covers both the nose and mouth, to stay a minimum of 6 feet apart from non-family members, and not to share materials.

· Any parents of young children will be responsible for making sure their children also follow all guidelines (including distancing and mask-wearing).

· We will have hand sanitizer available and will have volunteers making sure that everything is going smoothly, answering questions, and keeping the stations moving in a timely manner.

· Lastly, we are asking that upon completion of the program, people do not stay behind and congregate in groups, in order to protect fellow participants, Limmud volunteers, and each other.

If I am uncomfortable attending in person, can I still participate? Yes!

There will be an “At Home” version of the program you can do without leaving your house.  When you register on Sign-Up Genius, please indicate that you would like to participate digitally and leave your email address so we can mail you the “At Home” instructions.  Be sure to join us for the community discussion on Zoom at 8 p.m. on Sunday, September 13.

How much does it cost?

While the program itself is FREE, participants will have the option to make a donation to one of several local Jewish charities when they register.

Do I need to bring anything? Yes

In order to keep everyone safe, participants are asked to bring a mask, drinking water, a small internet-enabled device such as a cell phone or tablet, headphones, a notebook and pencil  You may choose to bring colored pencils if you wish. 

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing as all activities are outside.  You may choose to bring sunscreen and bug spray.

How long will it take, and what if I have to leave early?

The whole experience should last about one and a half hours, including 10 minutes per station and 5 minutes of transition time.  Participants will be asked to wait to move onto the next station until it is empty.  If you have to leave early, you can do so as necessary.

What if I am running late and miss my entry time?

To protect the safety of all participants we will be sticking strictly to the schedule, so we recommend planning to arrive about 15—20 minutes prior to your start time. However, if it looks like you are going to miss your entry time, please call the contact number listed on your email and let us know.  We may be able to put you into a later station in the rotation when you arrive. If you think you are going to be more than 30 minutes late, please cancel your slot and call the contact number you receive on your email.  We will then let you know if there are other slots available, or if it is best to switch to the “At Home” version.

What happens when I arrive?

The email you receive after registering will give you information about what to bring and instructions for each station.  We ask that you arrive about 15 min. prior to your starting time (giving you time to park, find your way to the starting point, and check in with the volunteer)  A volunteer will check you in from a distance, will ask you a few questions, and will direct you to the first station.  If you have questions during the program, there will be floating volunteers to answer them and to assist you from a safe distance.

What if I have small children?

Please bring them.  Each station is designed to provide a learning experience for multiple ages, but the program works best for children over the age of 5. When there are questions for discussion, there will be multiple options to meet the needs and interests of a variety of ages. There will be an activity for grown-ups, and where applicable, an alternative program for children/families. For example, when there is a text study chavruta, a volunteer will read a High Holiday book and lead a discussion with the children from a short distance away if they are too young to participate in the adult discussion. We ask that you help keep everyone safe by keeping your children close to you whenever there is not a separate activity for them.

Can I come solo?  Yes!

We have floating volunteers who will be happy to assist you in any activity (such as chavruta) that requires a partner.  All social distancing guidelines will be observed.

Are there restrooms? No

Unfortunately, there are no restrooms onsite, but the Toco Hills Shopping Center is less than a mile away.

Is there parking? Yes

There is plenty of free parking at Mason Mill Park.

Is it handicap accessible?  Yes

The park and all areas we are using are handicap accessible.

What if it rains, or I have to cancel at the last minute?

In case of light drizzle, we will encourage people to continue the program, but in case of heavy rain we also have an “At Home” version of the program that you can do on your own time at a location of your choice.  Things come up and that’s okay.  If you need to cancel, please send a  text to the number you receive in your email and cancel your Sign Up Genius reservation so that your slot can be given to someone else.